Think you've got what it takes to be an admin of the wiki? If so, please fill out this application. (Copy and Paste with your answers in the comments)

Application Acceptance Days

I plan to read applications every Sunday, I will get to you in game or on your message wall on if you can Admin, sorry if you don't get approved, there will be two approved each Sunday, if an Admin becomes inactive, I will de-op them to give others a chance. Once de-opped, you will not be able to comment on this page for 2 weeks.

~ .Glitchy. or Savage_Veil

Application Questions

  1. How active are you game/site wise? (Give exact times and stuff)
  2. Will you use your powers wisely? Explain. (Note that if you abuse, I will de-op you)
  3. Are you up to be assigned to a certain page? (I am yet to think about doing that or not)
  4. Write me 3 paragraphs, 5-8 sentences each, on why I should let you become an Admin. (:D)
~ .Glitchy. or Savage_Veil