Welcome to the Pack!

Welcome! There will be three ranks, all of the ranks will be based on your result of the test. If you haven any questions, please message Dimitri's message wall, or whisper .Glitchy. online if you aren't of the pack. If he does not respond on either, get a Kik and message him at Kuro_Veil, or Discord at .Glitchy.#4380

"Respect, Trust, and Dignity is Earned, not Given." -Dimitri

Pack Dos and Don'ts! (Rules Basically)

  1. Never question the Highest Alpha, His Family, or His Omega.
  2. Always listen to the Secondary Alpha (Osto) if the Head Alpha (Dimitri) isn't online.
  3. Never attack anyone without permission, even if they are exiled. There will be a K.O.S. list put aside for the Pack. (K.O.S. = Kill On Site; Unless in Hub.)
  4. Do not enter someone's land without their approval.
  5. When you are told to do something, you are expected to do it.

Pack Rankings!


Alpha Males: Dimitri, Ostovianti

Alpha Females: Alusia, Abigail

Alpha Pups:


Beta Males:

Beta Females:

Beta Pups:


Omega Males: Shades, Dakota, Moku, Jeffrey

Omega Females: Noire, Stephan, Esperi

Omega Pups:


Alpha: A I

Beta: B II

Omega: O III

Elderly/Retired Alpha: xA I

Elderly/Retired Beta: xB II

Elderly/Retired Omega: xO III

Alpha Pup: A i

Beta Pup: B ii

Omega Pup: O iii






Will Be Posted to each group messaging, and will be updated every time there is a new K.O.S.